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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a global innovation that offers an alternative to the environmental impact known today concerning plastic containers (bottles & others). We are dedicated to sustainable solutions through a unique Reuse concept.


We believe revolutionary design and great performance can intersect with and enhance important niches in today's consumer day to day needs.


We intend to change the map of the bottled water market by increasing the need and the desire to reuse plastic bottles by consumers and global decision makers as well. By doing so we believe that our concept will bring real practical help to those who need it the most.

Our Status

  • Clicko-Brick is a seed start-up now looking for a $2,000,000 investment:

  1. 1st  phase ($400,000) for R&D.

  2. 2nd phase ($1,600,000) for market penetration & going comercial.

  • Clicko-Brick holds ownership of IP assets (USPTO & WIPO).

  • The company has a working prototype.

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