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The thing about Clicko-Brick is that once you're done drinking – instead of being left with a nuisance you  now have a  raw material for  real products. What for? Well, just about everything… people can use it at home, or bring it back (for deposit) and let the industry use it for its needs.


Here are just a few suggestions:

Home & Family

These applications will be used by bottle consumers, and create a “Jump-Start” for Clicko-Brick market. The kits will replace the limited DIY kits that are more expensive, and also have higher weight & volume.


Examples for kits are: warehouses; garden furniture; toys and more. Those kits require between 10 to 1,000 Clicko-Bricks.

Industrial usages

When C.B. market grows – industries would buy used Clicko-Bricks as their raw material, for a wide range of implementations : construction, floating projects, transportation, safety, Thermic and/or accoustic insulation, and many others.

For example

Building & Construction

Clicko-build - a technology based on architectural modular planning with a basic grid construction and prefabricated modules. The modules can serve as exterior walls, partitions, floors & ceilings, with pipes & infrastructure. The variety of modules enables flexibility of planning based on customers’ needs.


Products is floating surfaces for agriculture, solar energy, leisure etc. Since the bottles can either be filed with grained materials or air their weight can vary. That means endless combinations of surfaces above and beyond water line.

Refugee Camps

Clicko-Brick has a potential for refugee camps and disaster zones, where the direst needs are water; food; sanitation; and habitat. Clicko-Bricks respond to 2 of these: First – to bring drinking water, then be reused, to build public shelters like clinics, kitchens, schools etc. so we can supply humanitarian organizations a standard 24 Sq. m public shelter.

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